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What We Do Here.


Self Love Life Coaching/ Conscious Relationship Support

Are you feeling lost or disconnected, frustrated or confused?

Are you looking for a different way to navigate life?

Are you looking for non-judgmental support?

Let's connect!

I encourage you to be the most authentic badass versions of yourself. We begin to find the emotional and energetic blocks that are keeping you trapped in pain patterns. This work not only supports your relationship with yourself but everyone you come in contact with.


Chakra Dance/ Elemental Embodiment Experience

Are you looking to have fun?

Do you love moving to music?

Do you miss letting loose?

Are you ready to move stuck or stagnant energy

I have always LOVED dancing! Chakra dance & Elemental Embodiment Experience has brought me back into my body. Balancing the energy centers with targeted, easy to follow, energy aligning moves to high energy or intentional music. This series leaves you feeling aligned, energized, and loving the shit out of yourself. No experience required to join. Come ready to move the way YOUR body needs you to move! Are you interested in hosting this at your studio or private gathering? Let's connect! Classes are available on YouTube to practice at home as well.



Reiki/ Energy Movement

Do you feel like you are carrying the weight of the world?

Is your nervous system is always activated?

Do you feel like your patience is wearing thin?

Is physical, mental, or emotional pain keeping you from moving forward with your life?

Reiki is the channeling of Universal Life Force Energy for the benefit of all involved.

In the one on one sessions I offer, we dive deep into the things that are keeping you from fully loving yourself as you are. This life is constantly giving us opportunities to see ourself clearer. So that we can begin to heal, grow, and truly live to our full potential. I love to assist in unblocking and clearing the things out of the way so you can be free of the weights holding you back from fully living. I use crystals and sound frequencies to support the energy work. I absolutely love this work, am here to support you!

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Self Love Infused Yoga

Would you like to feel more flexible in your body & mind?

Do you feel stressed or tense?

Have you been dealing with chronic pain?

Each Yoga Session I offer is deeply infused with varying techniques to connect deeper with yourself. Working with alignment, strengthening foundations & calming the nervous system. The practice also supports moving, releasing, and shifting old self defeating habits. This allows you to begin to move with more clarity throughout your life. Offering you not just physical, but also mental, emotional, & energetic balance. This class can be offered ANYWHERE. If you are interested in booking for your business, family, friends, special event... Everyone can benefit from a little more true self love! Let's connect today.

Kat Harmon

Self Love Guide-Intuitive Healer-Energy Movement Practitioner


I have lived quite the colorful life! Hiding most of my emotions behind incredible people pleasing tendencies. This led to frustration, illness, physical pain, severe anxiety, and resentment. I was in the mindset that my life was awful and hard because of others. In reality, and this was a hard pill to swallow, I had created these situations myself. Since acquiring this awareness, I have been shifting my perception of how I need to move in this world. Every day striving to give myself the same love I share with others. This has completely changed my reality!


Love the shit out of yourself.

Sounds too simple to be the solution, doesn’t it? Especially when we have been taught from a young age that loving ourselves is selfish and therefore, wrong.

So, we spend our days harshly judging ourselves and others. Never once questioning just how wrong that concept is.

We live life seeking a happiness and fulfillment that we can never seem to grasp. Only to discover that we cannot grasp it. It is not outside ourselves. It is within.

The last year has been a whirlwind of self discovery and change. I was at such a low point in my life. And while I have suffered true hardship I my life, this was not one of those times. It was just the first time I had to stop and truly be with myself without distraction.

From the outside looking in, my life appeared to be perfect. I had a beautiful fancy house. Every material thing i could ask for. An amazing family. Still, somehow I still felt depleted and unlovable. I was so unhappy and I felt alone. I felt ashamed and guilty for not being happy.

I asked my shrink what I should do? Do we need to up the meds? I was desperate.

She said “try meditation.”

In that moment I felt more lost and frustrated than ever. Meditate!?! How do you meditate? That is stupid. Who would I even ask?

Wait, I know who to ask. I’ll ask my friend Kat. She does yoga. Bet she knows.

And KNOW she did!!

(I don’t have the words to express the gratitude I feel towards that amazing loving soul. That is a novel for another day.)

She invited me over for a session. I had no idea what I was getting into, I was just excited to hang with my friend.

That day changed EVERYTHING!

I have known Kat for years. Pretty amazing how after almost 2 decades of knowing each other, she helped introduce me to my true self.

Up to this point I only knew versions of myself. The parts I played.

I knew my packaged “customer service” version of myself. The overly nice people pleasing version. That super angry guarded version. The victimized little girl. The hard worker. The selfless giver. The mom. CC. Dog lady. And while all of these things were me. None of them were. The me I really was had not been discovered yet.

Ever wonder WHY you are the way you are?

I suppose up to that point I never took the time. Didn’t know I needed to. I did.

I discovered that essentially my entire personally was a trauma response. Yikes.

So, if that isn’t me. Who am I?

This journey gave me those answers.

Moving forward with love and compassion for myself has changed my life.

With time and work I weened off the anxiety and adhd meds I had been on for over a decade. Finally quit smoking after over 20 years. Started running in the woods with my dog. Yoga. Eating better. Drinking water. Finally taking care of myself. Because I finally knew I deserve it. I love the shit out of me. Because I’m freakin awesome. And I will treat myself as such.

While this has not been an easy journey. I assure you that it was soooo worth it.

I am a better mother. A better partner. A better friend. A better me. A much happier and healthier me. A me worth loving the shit out of. And I do.

Some days are easier than others. And it comes in layers. But I know I can handle anything that is thrown at me. Because I always have. Now that I have compassion and love for myself, I am unstoppable. And I love the shit out of that.


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